What it is Branding?

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Do we need Branding for our company?

We have a lot of businesses where are recognizable with high or low quality of product / service. We have a lot of those where are not recognizable who have good product, but can not earn a good income. Why? Where is the difference? The Secrete called "Branding"

What it is Branding, and why we need?

Branding is a process of designing a distinct name and picture for an item in the minds of the customer, mainly through advertising campaigns. A branding is a special designed mixture of these components used to determine an item, a family of goods, or all products of a company (Signature, Logo, Trademark, Term). Image result for branding

Here is the few sample, how we can define meaning of fundamentals Branding

  • Brand Name - It a single words or combination of words, sometimes letters, or digits which highlight your product or service (Pepsi, Lakhme, Baggit etc).
  • Trade Name - Its corporate unique name of brand. Promotes and advertise an enterprise or a division or a specific corporation (Dell, Nike, Google etc)
  • Brand Mark - it is a distinct symbol, using special color, letter or other design component. It's recognizable and needn't be special pronounced. Ease to spell like Apple, Coca-Cola.
  • Trade Mark - If you think serious about your brand as big company, we recommend you to consider good Trade mark. It can be a word, unique name with special character or symbol. Trade Mark is secured by Law, so No other can use these symbol.
  • Trade characters - according to Trade mark, very important is create a good Logo, with specific characters. You can use animals, people, animated character, cartoons, objects that are used to promote a product or service with strong relation that is related with a product or service.
For creating great ideas, also we are recommend you to read this article: https://blog.planb-cambodia.com/branding_pr/design-thinking-rules-for-brainstorming/ What is your idea for branding? How would you like call your brand - Leave a comment, share with us your idea!

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