Solution based – design thinking

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Design Thinking - Solution Based

Design thinking promises you to provide a realistic, practical, and innovative solutions to problems of organizational concern and gives you a systematic approach to finding solution. You can ask where is different between DT (Design thinker) and SBT (solution based thinker).. If you are in the first group, supposed you need to have clear idea of the goal entire the process. Remember this way NOT solve every specific problem but its beginning the process with the end goal in mind. This way is very good solution to create strategy of innovation (Think outside the box rule)

Strategy of innovation

Few words about relation between Design thinking and strategy of innovation. The answer is, DT leads to improvements in innovation. This is why when you use design thinking you're on the same time create forms the core of effective strategy development. What is related to; human interaction, from product, services and processes. Result of innovation is depend how deeply you describe problems. but you can be sure to see improvement through design thinking. It all depends on the way how you will create, manage, lead and innovate.   If you would like to know more about Design Thinking read this article: We are waiting for your voice, leave comment, share with us your opinion!

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