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Why you should pay attention for Content marketing?

The growth of the Website, Social networks and mobile technologies has changed the relationship between consumers and business. Average consumers today don't only buy a product by passively watching its advertisement.  They research on google to compare similar products, read the product's review online by experts, and even ask their friends on social networks, before they will take action (visit store / buy). If you want increase result for your businesses, we are recommend you to rethink about traditional marketing strategies and channels in to more nowadays. If you want to earn the trust and loyalty of your customers. Its important to understand what people like, what kind of trends dominate. Social Media giving this chance to be closer customer. This is where the content marketing plays the most important role.  Attract your customers keep their attention towards on product by highlighting and promoting features.

Content Marketing Strategy

Before you go thru to create content marketing strategy for your businesses, we are recommend you to define the goals first. What is your expectation of the campaign? What kind of influence you would like to have for people? Build more awareness of your brand or maybe increase visitors on your website? Whatever the objective is, first you need to clarify list of the goal before you start to design strategy. To build good content remember about few element:
  • Understand your customer
  • Take a look for your competitors, how they are try communicate with their customers
  • Set up clear Message (To not make your customer confuse)
  • Define the content - use story, its more engaging
  • Approach customer from many channel - do not focus only on one (But remember, every channel have own specific to communicate with customer)
  • The most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) - Measure the success of your content marketing efforts. Look deeply, how people react on your message. To tailored message and speak to people on the way, how the will follow you.
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